On July 26, 2018, "ETA" — a one-night-only "earthbound travelers' anthology" — coalesced live under the trees at Vista Hermosa Natural Park by an interdisciplinary coterie of readers and writers on the theme of connecting across time, space and place.

The selections by this group — which included curator David Kim, cultural historian Catherine Gudis, physicist Clifford Johnson, poet Elizabeth Metzger, writer and musician Claire Evans, JPL engineer Randii Wessen, poet Safiya Sinclair, and Engadget editor-in-chief Christopher Trout  served to inspire musings on deep time, the here-and-now and other scales of experience.

The readings were bookended by musical performances by Lionmilk and Scott Gilmore.

(photos: Lauren Wade)

"ETA," in its concern for space and time, alluded to Michael Jones McKean’s Twelve Earths, a long-form artwork scaled to the Earth itself. Designed to unfurl as a series of extended collaborations over years to come, the work takes shape as a 25,000-mile-long "great circle" stretching completely around the planet to connect 12 sites of sculpture and event.

"ETA" also served as the welcome event for participants of Twelve Earths: Open Signal, a research convening organized by McKean, Fathomers and co-curator David Kim, where an interdisciplinary group of collaborators began to co-author the design and messaging of a global communication system for Twelve Earths

Fathomers thanks the Andy Warhol Foundation for Visual Art, WeTransfer, the Science and Entertainment Exchange, and the Art Law Firm for their program support.